Artisan's Classes 皮革手作创作班

Make A Product of Your Own Design

Private Class

Delve deeper in leather crafting, learn to create a truly unique leather masterpiece from scratch.  Also explore the opportunity of turning this hobby into business, kick start immediately.

In Artisans Classes, we will walk you through the details of the making process, including pattern making, construction of the design, a guide to choose the right leather, tools and matching hardware for your leather product.  You shall be able to create more designs by your own after attended this workshop.  Also explore the opportunity of turning this hobby into business.

想专研这门手艺的您可以从基础班 进阶式地学习制作更有层次感的款式,并打造独一无二的皮件。有意把这兴趣转变为一门生意的朋友,让我们帮您即时达成愿望。

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