Acquire specific skills and techniques.


Understand design, structure and making process.


Learn to create template and make from scratch.

Hand Dyeing & Bag Making Workshop

2 - 3 days workshop, vary by design

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • complete leather bag making process and techniques working with Vegetable Tanned leather.  You'll be provided premium quality leather certified by Pelle Conciata Al Vegetale in Tuscano, Italy.

  • to create a 3-dimensional product, design structure, template and measurement and construction of a bag

  • different techniques of hand dyeing leather, dyeing monocolour evenly, mixing in tones and creating different hues.

  • Pre-dyeing, post dyeing, leather care tips and tips to choose the right leather

  • traditional saddle stitching technique, and tips to perfecting your hand stitching and overall handwork

Basic Carving & Leather Making Workshop

5 hours  |  MYR350 per person

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • the fundamental of leather carving, tips to choose the right tooling leather, tooling techniques and carving practices

  • intro to leather and choosing the right leather

  • adding colours to your carving works - you'll learn working with different medium for different finish, purposes, post carving leather care tips

  • you'll take home 3 artworks by end of workshop

Design & Make

2 days or more, vary from design


Make a design you like, learn to make from scratch.  In this workshop you'll learn a complete process of making a leather goods.  From design structure to developing template, building mock-up, sketching, cutting leather to hand sewing.



You'll take home a leather goods made by yourself by end of workshop.  Most importantly, you shall be able to work on more designs by your own after completed this workshop.


Choose any of our existing designs or send us images of a design you like.  Click button below to reach out to us.


4 hours  |  MYR280 per person

The ancient art of Japanase Marbling, a process of creating unique floating patterns on a liquid surface, then transfer to leather.  It is not difficult to perform, all you required are some good tips and the right equipment.


In this workshop we'll share with you the secret suminagashi formulation that we had modified over numerous testing:

  • suminagashi steps by steps, how to control the colour on liquid to create beautiful patterns that are unique and not possible to replicate the same.

  • secret formulation of suminagashi mixture to control the tension of liquid

  • transferring your artwork onto leather and tips to perfecting your suminagashi artwork

  • you'll take home 3 products using the suminagashi leather created by you

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