Discover beauty of real leather and experience making your leather masterpiece with us.


Leather crafting could be a lifetime hobby, and may be an opportunity to start as a business/ career!  To learn new skills, don't waste time waiting.  Now you can decide what you want to learn, and what you want to make.  Sign up one or more classes from below, learn different techniques and make different designs.  Book a date most convenient to you.


跟我们学习手缝皮革技巧,亲手缝制一件您喜欢的皮件款式。您或许会爱上皮革手作!单个课程, 4至5小时就能完成一个皮件。皮革手作基础 / 进阶班,课程包括手缝皮革技巧,各种染色技巧,手绘皮革,皮雕基础,皮革花制作,皮革饰品等等。适合想学习手缝皮革和制作简单皮革物品的你。

What you'll take home:

​We will provide:

  • Good quality real leather and necessary materials, hardware, accessories

  • Leather making tools for use in the class

  • Template/ pattern of the leather design you learned in the class

  • A copy of guide, information, notes

You'll learn leather crafting skills and fundamental knowledge about learther crafting through making process in the class.  You'll be guided steps by steps in making one leather product of your choice - your first masterpiece.  Our classes will provide you the basis of leather crafting knowledge that you can replicate and create more designs by yourself!

Just bring yourself here on the workshop day :)

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Pick a course to start with

briefcase leather messenger bag handmade

1.0  Basic Leather Crafting

Teaching Methodology


Experience crafting with leather and make something practical for use by hands.


Learn step by steps to make a leather goods design of your choice, and tips to perfecting the quality of your handmade.


Learn Saddle Stitching, the traditional hand sewing leather technique.

May be subject to course or product design.


Classes are Suitable for:

Basic Leather Crafting Workshops are recommended for anyone who loves and appreciate handmade, including:

  • Absolute beginners with no experience in leather crafting,

  • Hobbyists who are looking to pick up new skills

  • Anyone who loves leather, bags, fashion and accessories!

No sewing or crafting experience required in order to join the class.

Choose One Class:

Basic Leather Crafting - learn and make one leather product in one session.  Each session takes approximately 4 hours.

Choose what you like to learn, book a date most convenient to you.

Slide images to see class details and fee.

toiletry pouch.jpg


Toiletry Pouch

Zana Clutch.jpg


Zana Clutch

Bifold Wallet with 4 Card Slots.jpg


Bifold Wallet



Basic Totebag

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2.0  Intermediate Leather Crafting

Delve Deeper and Learn More


Acquire leather crafting skills so you can create more designs by yourself after attended workshop.


Understand overall process of leather making, construction of design, making template, calculation and more.


Dealing with bag hardware, learn to choose suitable type of your project, installation and tools to use.


Learn working with leather and how to choose the right leather for your project.

May be subject to course or product design.

Classes are Recommended for:

Intermediate Leather Crafting Classes will focus on the practical aspects of designing a bag - construction of design, technical drawing, pattern making, choosing the right materials, cutting leather to the complete process of making a bag from scratch.

​Intermediate Leather Crafting Classes are recommended for those who wish to improve their skills, acquire specific techniques and to advance themselves in bag making process:

  • Artisans who are currently practicing leather crafting

  • Existing students who attended at least one basic leather crafting with us

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to start up leather businesses


Acceleration may allow for existing student, subject to condition.  Course may be modified based on your skills for learning to your capacity.

Choose One Class:


Intermediate Leather Crafting Classes take 2 - 4 sessions (2 - 4 days) to complete.

Each session for approximately 4 hours.  Duration vary by projects and course itinerary.  Consecutive learning days is highly recommended.

Choose what you like to learn and book us one a date most convenient to you.

long wallet long purse leather making wo


Long Wallet

bucket bag making workshop coralc atelie


Classic Bucket Bag

coralc atelier leather crafting workshop


Mini Satchel

Leather Bag


Messenger Bag

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Business started in 1988 as importer and distributor of real leather materials.


Enjoy learning at a cozy studio with complete tools and facilities you can't find else where in Malaysia!


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