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Leather Crafting Workshop - 1.0 Basic Classes

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  3. We'll reach out to you to confirm your booking

  4. Make full payment to secure the booking

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1.0 Basic Classes

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Scan QR to Check-In

You're required to scan QR Code with MySejahtera app upon arrival at studio.


Practice Social Distancing

Workshops on one-to-one basis or for maximum upto 4 persons in one session, each person with at least 1.5 meter distance away from other.


Wear Face Mask

Please wear face mask along the time you are in the studio.


Sanitize Premises and Tools

Studio disinfection is our regular practice as we sanitize the studio space, furniture and tools before and after classes.  Hand sanitizer is provided in the studio.

Terms & Conditions



  2. Signing up a class/ workshop you hereby acknowledged you had read and understand the details of classes.

  3. A minimum of one week booking is required.  Nevertheless all classes are subject to availability, and booking is based on first come first served.

  4. Third party persons are not allowed to stay in the studio when class is conducted.  Pets are not allowed in the studio.

  5. All tools provided in the class shall be returned by end of workshop.  You are responsible for any missing or broken tools and are responsible for the cost of lost.

  6. Program, itinerary, teaching method, materials maybe modified based on actual event/ workshop condition and may be modified based on your progress in the class.

  7. If you have any special requests please discuss with our facilitator prior to your booking to avoid disappointment.



  1. FULL PAYMENT WILL BE COLLECTED UPON CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING.  Your inquiry shall be treated as null and void if booking remains unpaid in 24 hours, with no guaranteed of promotional entitlement after the deadline.  We may charge administration fee in case of refund.

  2. PROMOTION - discounts, free items and promotions, which ever that may be applicable, are subject to deadline and stocks availability with no guaranteed of its entitlement if you missed the deadline.

  3. PAID FEE - are not refundable nor exchangeable for goods or services.  You may assign replacement in case you can't attend the workshop by email at least 24 hours prior to workshop day.

  4. Under exceptional condition with written communication, a "grace period" of 30 to 60 days is allowed to bring forward full or partial of fee you've paid.  Nevertheless you are responsible to follow up with us if you do not receive any updates from us during and/or within the grace period.  Any unutilized fees after the grace period will be fully forfeited with no compensation will be entertained.

  5. RESCHEDULING will be charged 30% of total fee and the variance shall be paid in cash on the first workshop day.



  1. Video or voice recording by you is strictly not allowed in the studio.

  2. Any data or personal information we collected including your name and personal contact details are for registration purpose only and will not be disclosed to any third party.

  3. By signing up any of the workshops with Coralc Atelier you hereby acknowledged your consent to Coralc Atelier to use images of you and/or your handmade product(s) in our promotional materials (printed brochures, website, social media, affiliate partner's website and social media) for marketing and promotional purposes.

  4. Coralc Atelier reserved the right to change, amend or terminate any of the workshops, its details, entitlements, promotions, discounts, free gifts, and any of the terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice. 

Coralc Atelier reserved the right to amend any of these terms and condition at any time without prior notice. 

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