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Established in 1988.  Sourcing, importing and wholesale real leather.

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Sourcing and Importing
We consistently source new and import quality genuine leather from all over the world – Europe, South America, India and Asia countries, including Vegetable Tanned, full grain and various types of Chrome Tanned leather.


Knowing the Characteristics of Leather

Leather is a natural material from animals and is therefore vary from one hide to another hide.  These include the colour, texture, thickness, toughness, depth-ness of colours, natural marking, branding and so on.  Colour and texture of the leather may change and it begins to show signs of wear are normal.  This is the beauty of natural material.


Vegetable Tanned Leather may continue to patina (aging) and develop its very unique characteristics over time.

Leather Craft Materials from Trusted Brands

The leather dyes, colouring, leather edge paints, coating, moisturizers, adhesive agents, and many other materials used in the leather goods making process are products from trusted Japanese brands, which are specially manufactured for professional leather craft use.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable Tanned leather is processed through the most traditional technique that passed on from more than a century.  It uses natural tannins from trees and plants, slowly transforms raw hides to become leather, in full respect of skills and the environment.


Vegetable Tanned leather is unique and easily distinguishable.  The leather will patina (aging) over time.  The natural colour will caramelize over time.  Its texture may become more flexible.  Vegetable Tanned leather is the only leather that will continue to age over time.

P/s : good quality Vegetable Tanned leather usually smell earthy, woody and natural which is pleasure to your nose!

italian vegetable tanned leather malaysi

Full Grain Crazy Horse Leather

Our full grain Crazy Horse Leather is one of our most favourite leather articles.  This leather is durable and water resistance.  It got its name because of the favour of horse saddles.

Crazy Horse Leather is made to look aged while retaining its strength and toughness.  This leather is treated with a special kind of wax which creates unique change of its shades when you bend or fold it.  This special feature gives the leather antique and rustic appearance yet natural which exactly is what the craze for this leather about.

Crazy Horse Leather adapts scratches and oils from your hands when you start using the product, and hence changes and develops unique characteristics over time which may reflect lifestyle or personality of one individual.

ABOUT LEATHER: Every piece of leather is different and may accept colour dyes a little differently during dyeing process, therefore irregularities or inconsistency depth of the colour is normal.  Natural markings, branding or irregularities indicates the autenticity and natural beauty of leather in which this product is made from 100% genuine leather.