Beginners in Leather Crafting - List of Essential Tools for Quick Start

Leather crafting like any other hobby, you'll need some tools in order to practice sewing, and even is for making simple leather goods. From tools for cutting leather, punching holes, sewing, gluing, polishing leather edges and many more tools for serving different purposes. To get a complete set of tools will definitely cost you a fortune.

If you are new or planning to pick up leather crafting as a hobby, here is a list of the most essential tools for a beginner should get as a start. Refer to picture if you wonder how do these tools look like :)

  1. Awl or leather drawing pen for drawing on leather. Eraser to erase pen ink on leather.

  2. Leather knife or one can easily start cutting leather using a craft pen knife.

  3. We prefer metal ruler because almost not possible one will trimmed the ruler edge. Of course a mat to protect your table top while cutting. Cutting mat is also essentials for quick trimming & measurement checking.

  4. Punch holes for hand sewing you will use stitching chisel. We recommend diamond cut for beginners.

  5. Groover or creaser a guiding tool to mark lines on leather for sewing.

  6. All hammering works you'll need hammer & a board. We prefer rubber than wooden hammer for noise absorbent purpose. Hammering board is to protect your tools (keep them sharp & in good shape). Don't save money by replacing cutting mat with the board as tools could cut through the mat. Use hammering board for cutting could spoil the board surface.

  7. All kind of stitching you need needles and thread. We prefer polyester thread for its vibrant colors and lightly sheen appearance. Needles for leather crafting are slightly "blunt" as they are only meant to lace the thread (not to poke holes on leather).

  8. We love using an applicator while gluing as an applicator helps spread glue evenly and leave gluing area neat.

  9. Polish edges of your leather projects for a more beautiful finish.

  10. When you're dealing with hardware such as buttons, rivets & etc most of the models will require specific tools.

There are certainly more and more tools than what we named in the list above. As we always mention in our classes, pick only the essential for a start. You can add any tools when necessary. Any questions you have just leave us a comment below.

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