Our Favourite Glue for Leather Crafting Use

Many are asking which type or brand of glue is suitable for leather crafting use. Here are some recommendations you can consider, based on where: - you need only small amount - quality and affordability - can be obtained easily within Malaysia

(1) Contact Grip, Dolphin branded. - this yellowish glue is liquidy and easy to work with. A thin layer shall dry quick and is good enough to bond the surfaces together. - 20ml price selling RM2.80 at Times Bookstores Pavilion KL (some places selling between RM3.30 to RM3.80). - can be easily found at major bookstores, stationary shops, craft stores, hardware shops.

(2) UHU All Purpose Adhesive. - UHU is a trusted brand in the market for more than 100 years. Less liquidy than Contact Grip but best thing is it works on almost any surfaces. More useful means less wastage. - 7ml is the smallest tube we seen so far. - can be easily found at major bookstores, stationary shops, hardware shops, craft stores, hypermarkets & etc. - beware of fake UHU products in the market, buy from trusted suppliers.

(3) Daiso ボンド - プラスチック用 - it labeled "for plastic use" (プラスチック用) but also served the purpose here. In fact some sources from internet showed it doesn't work well on plastic but let's not worry about it. - 25ml at RM5.90 selling at Daiso stores.

(4) 皮革用[強力]ボンドエース, Seiwa Japan branded. - used to be our favourite choice because it's odorless and safe for use in air-conditioned room. - this concentrate form of white glue dries transparent. Water soluble so may not as strong as what it claimed to be. - it takes a bit waiting time to dry. Yet you'll find the remaining in the container turn drying and hardening fast and before you could finish it - price vary from RM20+ to RM40+ only available at leather craft or hobby craft stores.

(5) KS Bond GA. - heat resistant strong bonds, works on almost all surfaces. It is liquidy and clear colour. Easy to work with but it takes a bit time to dry, so patient needed. - price around RM42 for 180ml, may only available at leather craft or hobby craft stores.

Generally check the label whether it can bond leather. If yes, give it a try. No one thing served all purposes at all time. Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Jessica

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