3 hours  |  MYR250 per pax

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Learn how you can customize soap using all natural ingredients to soothe acne, dry skin, or even sensitive skin.  You can also decorate your soap with dried flowers, or even add some petals as mild exfloliation purposes.

No harsh chemicals or additives added, learn the benefits of using handmade soap for healthier skin.


3 hours  |  MYR250 per pax

See above for Course Outline.

Milk Soap contains milk fats, vitamins and minerals helps moisturize the skin.  It is very kind to our skin because the pH of milk soaps is very close to the natural pH of human skin.

Milk contains lactic acid which is a natural & gentle exfoliating agent, helps shed off dry skin cells, results in healthier looking skin.

Suitable for all skin types, and even sensitive skin and eczema you'll find milk soap is far less harsh and drying than most ordinary soap.

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