3 hours  |  MYR250 per pax

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Learn the most traditional handmade soap recipe using all natural ingredients.  You can further customize it by blending your own scents with pure essential oils, adding colours with mineral or plant powders and decorate it with dried flowers and petals.

No harsh chemicals, artificial scents or colouring used in the making process.  You'll learn the benefits handmade cold processed soap for healthier skin.



3 hours  |  MYR250 per pax

See above for Course Outline.

The main benefit of breast milk soap comes from the fact that human milk contains less sodium than cow’s milk, which means that it prevents dry skin, more Vitamins A, C, E, and contains enzymes and proteins that our body can utilize immediately.​

Through cold processed method you can preserve and combining the benefits of breastmilk with plant oils and other ingredients, and turn these natural ingredients into soap.

Recommended for new moms who wish to make use of their excess breast milk, or make use of breastmilk that has already past the expiration date for consumption (kept in freezer for more than 6 months) - a way to still make use of breastmilk's benefits than disposing it.

Use milk as substitute if you do not have breastmilk.  Please consult our facilitator by email:

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